2006.02 | 0mhz Records
Corporate identity & name creation, creative & art direction, photographies for indie record label

2006.02 | Polish Beef
Association - BioFach2006
Ad campaigns, catalogue and exposition elements for polish group of exhibitors at The World Organic Fairs BioFach 2006 in Nurnberg/ Germany. Creative & art direction, project management /re.PUBLIK/

2006.01 | HOCHTIEF
Polska website

Creative & art direction, consulting /re.PUBLIK/

2005.12 | AutoMapa e-card
X-mass e-card.
Creative & art direction, drawings /re.PUBLIK/

2005.11 | SoFarUnknown
Corporate identity for indie record label. Creative & art direction /re.PUBLIK/

2005.10 | tBH - London/ UK
I directed and produced 2 music videos and photo session for theBrainhole from London/ UK. Locations: Nothing Hill Arts & Music Club, Enterprise Pub/ Camden Town, starring: Beverley and nika666. The videos will be available to download soon.

2005.10 | Red & Red!
Argentinean steaks and superb wine. BTL campaign in major polish restaurants - creative direction, design, web /re.PUBLIK/

2005.10 | PMT Merchandising
design /re.PUBLIK/

2005.10 | VW Jetta

freelance creative direction, design & music for Conecto.

2005.10 | VW Passat
Variant microsite

freelance creative direction & design for Conecto.

2005.09 | Welcome to the
new re.PUBLIK :-)
After 4 years of succesfull work as creative director in Conecto, over 200 interactive projects for such brands as VW, Audi, Skoda, Orlen, Warta, PeopleCanFly, Stary Browar, E24, Tally Weijl, 2 awards and 8 nominations on advertising competitons, I decided to take a part in the new challenge.
My new agency is
re.PUBLIK, the award winning, multimarketing studio, established in 1999, and located in Poznan, Poland. Currently works for clients from PL, ES, UK, USA and China. Full site is coming.

05.09.05 | Conecto | net
(creative direction & design, photographies and new corporate identity for Conecto).

07.05 | Cinnovation
(creative direction & design, Conecto)

07.05 | The New Volkswagen Polo
(creative direction & design, Conecto)

Galeria Miejska Arsenal, 20.05 - 12.06.2005, Poznan.  Visit my exhibition minisites: NIKA666 & LauraTod.

10.02.05 | WEBSITES. 100% LOADED, and among the world`s best websites in the 'Websites. 100% Loaded' book.
Niejadek, 13 and PeopleCanFly (which I designed and leaded as a creative director too) are listed among the world`s best sites in the 'Websites. 100% Loaded' book, Order your copy from Amazon.

03.05 |
The New Volkswagen Passat
(creative direction & design, Conecto)

02.05 | PEJA & SLUMS ATTACK - Najlepszą Obroną Jest Atak.
Creative direction, photo & design - 2CD/ 2LP  /fonografika/.

02.05 | Grzybkowski & Guzek (design, photo & creative, Conecto)

01.05 | Music for Monika Tynecka photography website (recording,  production, mastering)

12.04 | nika666 - noise dissco
nika666 - noise disco
-sign up to get your VIP pass to the disscoteque. Trailer of my music collaboration with Monika, full site and CD coming soon (design, photo & creative direction)

11.04 | POLENERGIA SA (design & creative, Conecto)

11.04 | PHOTMONTH CRACOW 2004 (Miesiąc Fotografii w Krakowie, Listopad 2004)
Main theme photo, design & creative direction for the most important photo event in Poland. ATL & BTL activities: photographies, poster, citylights, catalogue design (distributed with Pozytyw magazine), website, online campaign. Photomonth Cracow is associated with international Festivals of Light network.

10.04 | New version of PeopleCanFly
Website for PAINKILLER Game dev team. Old site, awarded by FWA you can visit here (both design & creative, Conecto)

09.04 |
Website for  World Famous Jim Dent & Rick Bradshaw, PGA Teacher Of The Year 2004 Schools Of Golf, one of the best golf schools from USA.(design & creative, Conecto)

09.04 | EUNETSTAR European Network Of Street Arts website (design, photo & creative, Conecto)

09.04 | The New Skoda Octavia
Launch campaign, microsite (design, Conecto)

09.04 |         
Ekspozycja 33

07.04 |
Watch the trailer
(quicktime 15mb)
and visit NYIA`s
website. Creative
direction, photo and

06.04 | NYIA - Head Held High CD
Worldwide premiere of NYIA`s debut album /Candlelight Records UK/. Creative direction, photo and design: CD package multimedia presentation and video trailer (quicktime 15mb).

06.04 | Deadbambi - Behind the Goat - remix and video
Guest appearance on the NYIA`s 'Head Held High' CD. Resampling of NYIA`s tracks performed by Deadbambi (Laura Tod /vocals/, Henry Tod /programming/ and Bartek R /guitar, programming, vocals/). I directed and produced video for this track. The video is released worldwide on the NYIA`s CD by Candlelight Records UK. Visit Deadbambi website.

06.04 | The New Audi A6
(design & creative, Conecto )

04.04 | E24 Internet Club
(design & creative, photography, Conecto)

06.03.04 | 1st birthday of my Cat.

02.04 | The Art Of Mobile
The Fish Can Sing, PR agency from UK, invited me to take a part in The Art Of Mobile event - fine art photo exhibition and book promoting the worldwide premiere of the Motorola V80 mobile phone. 20 B&W nudes.

01.04 | Audi
(design & creative, Conecto)

01.04 | OrlenTeamRallye
(game design & creative, Conecto)

01.04 | VW Golf V
(design & creative, Conecto)

11.03 | Guest appearance on the last track of the new Sweet Noise "Revolta" CD/MC: "Patch v2.03 deadbambi RMX" by Henry Tod and Bartek Rogalewicz. I performed guitar, some programming and vocals. I also designed cover art, SP covers and t-shirt designs.

09.03 | Orlen Platinum
(design & creative, Conecto)

08.03 | VW Touareg
(design & creative, Conecto)

07.03 | PAINKILLER by people can fly
(design & creative, Conecto), FWA Award

07.03 | Sweet Noise - N.U.E.R.H.A. - photos & cover art. Noise Inc / Pomaton EMI.

06.03 | NIEJADEK in FOTOPOZYTYW Monika Dabrowska`a article and large presentation of Niejadek in Fotopozytyw.

06.03 |
(design & creative, Conecto)

06.03 | NIEJADEK.COM - premiere of Niejadek website (Rogalewicz - photos, design & creative / Szczepaniak - animations)
NATARCIE NET.ARTu exhibition, 14.06.03, ZACHĘTA Gallery Warszawa,
Extra thanks for music performed or sampled especially for this website: Sweet Noise, NYIA, Henry Tod and Deadbambi.

05.03 | W majowym wydaniu miesięcznika BRIEF, w cyklu "Warsztaty - Case study" ukazał się artykuł mojego autorstwa "Volkswagen w sieci, czyli pobudzać zmysły".

05.03 | NONE 'BlackStar' - photos & cover art.  CD/MC,  metal mind records.

05.03 |
(design & creative, Conecto)

05.03 |
(design, photo & creative, Conecto)

03.03 |
(design & creative, Conecto)

Bartek Rogalewicz
webdesign, design, photo & visual arts, music.
work: re.PUBLIK
music projects: deadbambi, nika666
location: poznan/ PL